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Entrepreneurial Corporate Finance

Entrepreneurial Corporate Finance is a structured process to develop shareholder value by preparing and developing a company towards a successful financial transaction.

About Assetto

At Assetto we are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and financial industry veterans on a mission to make entrepreneurs more successful.

We become an extended part of your team and help you realize the potential of your business. From helping you build out your growth strategy, develop your company until ready for a transaction, then prepare and support you through one or more transactions on your journey to building a successful business or exit.

Success stories
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CEMIT makes intelligent railway systems, making railways more efficient, reliable an secure. CEMIT has in just 3 years proven their place in the rail industry with rapid growth, and top tier references. Assetto became an extended part of the management team, just a few months after founding. By a being hands-on strategic partner working closely with the team on business modelling, product strategy and growth plans as well as helping secure equity-, soft- and bank-funding to support their ambitious growth strategy.
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Okay is today a fast growing scale-up delivering unique patented software for mobile transaction security and secure customer authentication. By taking the executive chairman role, Assetto has lead the company from a R&D project, through finding the product/market fit, building out a total product offering, go-to-market strategy and proving the business model, while making sure the company gets the resources to execute by hiring a CEO and securing soft-funding and new equity.
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Algalif, which today is a global leader in organic astaxanthin production from algae, started as an R&D project at Gavita, a leading horticultural lighting company. Assetto lead the process of spinning it out into a separate company, secured soft-funding and new equity, built a growth plan and helps build the company until a successful trade sale.

Our Team

We are ourselves passionate entrepreneurs with extensive experience from the finance industry as well as building high growth ventures.


Jon Endre Gjærum

Managing Partner


Petter Berge

Executive chairman & partner


Aleksander Farstad


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