Enterpreneurial Corporate Finance.

We help owners of growth companies maximise shareholder value.


Our services extend far beyond the transactions of corporate finance.

Our job is to create shareholder value, maximizing the potential of your business. To do so we get into the details, from strategy, to financing, business development and M&A, before eventually doing a successful exit or other liquidation event.


Business model scalability, growth and strategic positioning are the three most important factors adding value to your business besides the core economic metrics. We help you define a strategy that helps your business become a high growth, strategic player with a scalable business model.


Business development in the digital age is a process of rapid experimentation across the marketing funnel, product development, sales execution and other parts of you business to find the most efficent way to grow your business. As partner, we become an active part of your team and bring board all our experience and skills to support your growth and value creation


Successful financing of your company involves a structured process of raising soft-funding, debt and equity while actively working with tax planning and your balance sheet. We have contributed to raising 500 million NOK for companies we have worked with so far.


Strategic planning and value creation will involve considerations of merger and acquisitions. We are an experienced M&A partner that help you prepare and run a process of identifying, negotiating and executing a successful M&A transaction.


We are an experienced M&A partner that help you define the value drivers of your company and identity the target transaction, from IPO to trade sale. We also help you prepare and run the exit process and execute a successful exit. We have a large network of trusted advisors, Private Equity and industry players we can utilise depending of the target exit route.


Meet the Team

With 25 years experience as investor, trader and business developer working with some of the major financial institutions in Northern Europe (DnB, Pareto, ABG Sunndal Collier, Sparebank 1)

Educated in IT and mathematics.

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Jon Endre Gjærum

Managing Partner

+47 906 10 535

Serial entrepreneur who started his career as a derivatives trader and has later spent the last 20 years as Founder, CEO and investor with focus on software enabled growth companies.

Master in finance, economics and mathematics.

+47 997 37 609

Aleksander Farstad


+47 997 37 609

With 10 years experience as CFO, Auditor and financial expert with startups and leading financial institutions as KPMG and Oslo Stock exchange.

Master in Finance and Economics

+47 916 35 938

Lene Aspen Nilsen

Partner and CFO

+47 916 35 938

With 25 years experience as investor and trader working with some of the major financial institutions in Northern Europe (DnB, Pareto, ABG Sunndal Collier, Sparebank 1)

Master in Finance and Economics.

+47 415 17 676

Sverre Holter-Sørensen


+47 415 17 676

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