Growth is the most powerful value driver of any company. We love to invest and build scalable growth companies.

The world is going through a digital revolution where software is driving the change. 

We come from the software industry, and see how all industries are affected as software enables scalability and drives efficiency.

Our investment focus is on software and software - enabled growth companies that disrupt and challenge new and existing industries.

We follow the same unique Growth Model for analysing and working with our investments as we do with our Growth Lab. We work through the following investment vehicles:

  • Assetto Venture invests in early stage growth companies.
  • We manage Innovation Norway pre-seed funds (Presåkorn).
  • We have a network of investors who co-invest with us. 

If you are an entrepreneur or an owner of an ambitious software driven company with potential for high growth and global scalability, we would be interested to learn more about you and your company.