Why the most successful entrepreneurs keep things simple

"Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple." - Richard Branson.

Being an entrepreneur and CEO myself I have learned this the hard way. Sometimes you get dragged into wanting to make a very sophisticated product, organisation or marketing. Especially when you are surrounded by very smart and skilled people. The result is most likely an over-engineered product, arriving too late in the market, building a too complicated organisation which is too slow to adapt, decide and move, communicating something that the market does not understand. Very sophisticated and does not sell.

While this might not be the biggest problem when being a start-up, it typically will be once you receive funding and start to scale. This is the phase you must remember to keep your company lean, simple and keep the entrepreneurial spirit and focus your resources towards what really matters.

Because to be able to be successful you need to;

  • Build an organisation that rapidly can move, adapt and learn without internal politics and bureaucracy. 
  • Focus on building products that serves the need of your target customers and not technology.
  • Keep your communication simple and in a way the customers can understand and relate to. Make sure you do understand their problems and you tell them how to solve them.

Remember complexity is your enemy hindering your success.

Author: Aleksander Farstad, Founding Partner